[Video] What does a Software Engineer in the Cloud actually do? | Working in the cloud ☁️

[Video] What does a Software Engineer in the Cloud actually do? | Working in the cloud ☁️

Video Description

Three cloud software engineers, Danielle Heberling, Ian McKay, and Lorenzo Hidalgo, provide an in-depth look at their roles and responsibilities, key tasks, and the challenges they face working in cloud computing.

📜Table of contents:
00:00 Meet the Cloud Experts: Introductions
00:12 What Does a Cloud Software Engineer Do?
00:45 The Role of a Cloud Architect
01:42 A Day in the Life of a Technical Architect
03:56 Software Engineer's Daily Routine
07:17 The Importance of Meetings in Cloud Engineering
10:09 Challenges in Cloud Engineering
14:13 Dispelling Common Cloud Misconceptions

This video is part of a series called "Working in the cloud ☁️". Where cloud computing software engineers talk about how is to work in the cloud, getting a job in this space, and advancing their career.

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🧑🏽‍💻 Find our guests online:
- Danielle Heberling - Senior Software Engineer at Ensomata
Personal website: https://danielleheberling.xyz/
X: / deeheber
Github: https://github.com/deeheber
LinkedIn: / deeheber
Dev.to: https://dev.to/deeheber
- Ian Mckay - Cloud Principal at Kablamo
X: / iann0036
LinkedIn: / iann0036
Blog: https://onecloudplease.com/
- Lorenzo Hidalgo Gadea - Independent Contractor | Staff Engineer at Serverless Guru
Linkedin: / lorenzo-hidalgo-gadea
Blog: https://lhidalgo.dev/
X: / lhidalgo_dev


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